Differences: Consolidated Acts and Acts passed by year?

A consolidated Act contains only those sections that are currently operable/in force, i.e. all amendments that have taken effect are included. The amendments not yet in force are included in the notes section at the end of the Act. The Acts and subsidiary legislation database viewed via the State Law Publisher’s website is consolidated.

NOTE: Consolidated Acts are not the same as Reprinted Acts. Reprinted Acts and Regulations have undergone the complete reprinting process whereas consolidated Acts or Regulations have only been updated as required in readiness for an eventual reprint.

Acts passed by year are the Acts as they were originally passed by parliament, without any subsequent amendments incorporated. Each year State Law Publisher releases bound volumes containing all titles for that year. These volumes are available for purchase in April of each year or individual titles can be downloaded or purchased separately as they become available.

Clients should be aware that Acts passed by year may not be in force and should check the commencement details on each title.

The Acts passed each year are also available on our website, they are located under "Acts" and "As passed". Parliamentary Counsel's Office are currently scanning the Acts year by year and releasing them progressively.

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