Corporate Information

Departmental Profile

The State Law Publisher operates as a service under the Department of the Premier and Cabinet with the Premier as the responsible Minister. The Director General is the Accountable Officer, with the Director/Government Printer having responsibility for the day to day operations of the State Law Publisher.

Our vision

Improving outcomes through leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Our Purpose

We provide quality policy and administrative advice and support to enable the Premier and Government to serve the WA community well.

Market Charter

The core roles of the State Law Publisher are;

  • to provide a complete confidential document reproduction and publishing service that meets the needs of Parliament;
  • to publish and disseminate legislation and statutory information on behalf of Parliament and the Government, and provide access to this information for clients.

The market charter of the document reproduction and confidential printing and publishing service is the Parliament and Government agencies including those that require a confidential and secure document reproduction service. (eg. Royal Commission Reports).

Western Australian legislation and statutory information is published "under authority" of the Government Printer and is the only"authorised" version recognised for legal purposes. The State Law Publisher, under it's market charter provides access to Western Australian legislation and statutory information to all sectors of the general community including the legal profession and all tiers of government.