Online Publications
Provides detailed information about what has happened and will be happening to legislation - such as which legislation is in force, if it is yet to be proclaimed, been repealed, been amended and when it comes into operation. It is an important resource for understanding the status of a piece of legislation and for understanding why some sections may not be in the database.

Statutes - Acts and Regulations
Are available online in a searchable database. The database contains "in force" legislation which is updated shortly after it comes into force. NOTE: This database does not include Amendment and Validation Acts. They can be found in the Year by Year Database.

Contains legislation as it was passed each year including Amendment and Validation Acts. Parliamentary Counsel's Office are currently scanning and adding years as they become available.

This database contains selected PDF versions of WA legislation (Acts and Subsidiary Legislation) that are no longer in force. Information is provided on the reason why the legislation is no longer in force, i.e. whether it was repealed, expired, revoked, spent or superseded, what it was ceased by, and the date that it took effect. For more comprehensive listings of WA Legislation that is no longer in force see the reports of Acts that ceased to be in force and Subsidiary legislation that ceased to be in force available in the Legislative Information Tables.

Points to the Parliament of Western Australia website, where there is a link to the Bills database.

Legislation pages from other Australian states and territories can be found on the "Related Links" page on the main legislation database.

Individual Gazettes are available in a searchable database. Government Gazettes are available online at the same time as the printed Gazette is published. Online Gazettes can also be downloaded in PDF.
At present, Gazettes back to 1950 are available online with more years being added as they are scanned.

The yearly Index to the Government Gazettes is also available from 1964 to present. Searches can be performed on either individual Indexes or across all Indexes.

Individual Gazettes are available in a searchable database and can be downloaded in PDF format. The Digest is available for download or searching.

Points to the Parliament of Western Australia website where there is a link to the HANSARD database.

Points to the Parliament of Western Australia website where you can find the list of members.

Lists the Western Australian government inquiries, reports and commissions available for download.
NOTE:   Bills and Legislation are not guaranteed to be free from errors or ommissions, and are not the "Official version". Clients should read the disclaimers associated with the Bills and Statutes